Donald Trump Supporter Assaulted in Chicago – Personal Injury Lawsuit Likely

In what many people are describing as a hate crime, Julian Christian, Dejuan Collins, and Rajane Lewis and a minor have been arrested in the assault of 49yr old David Wilcox.

After crashing into his car, David pulled over. Then, they all attacked David at once. They claimed they were attacking him because he voted for Donald Trump. After the assault, they stole David’s vehicle.

Here is a video of the assault:

And here is a follow up from David:

Personal injury lawsuit?

David went to the hospital after this accident. It may take some time to set in, but he may also experience PTSD, bad dreams, or other psychological problems after.

In cases like this, it is best to seek out the advice of an experienced Chicago personal injury attorney and inquire about opening a case. While an attorney is not needed in each and every case, a free consultation never hurts.

If you were assaulted like David was contact a personal injury attorney today.