Head On Collision in Construction Zone in Orland Park, Chicago IL

According to this article in the Chicago Tribune, there was a terrible head on collision. EMTs responded to the call around 12:35AM.

The accident took place in Orland Park and involved a pickup truck and a car. Speed was a factor in this accident.

Head On collisions

Head on collisions are particularly devastating to all those involved simply due to physics. Negligence is a factor in almost all accidents in one form or another. In head on crashes the negligent party is usually very obvious since they were either traveling in the wrong lane, driving in the wrong direction, or passing in an area that they should not be passing in.

Speak to a Chicago area personal injury attorney

Head on collisions typically involve catastrophic injuries which take years to heal, and other injuries are permanent. A licensed attorney can give you legal adivce and often help you obtain drastically more compensation for your injuries than you would receive without one.