Trucker Crashes in Illinois While Trying to Bring Home the Bacon

On March 22, 2018, a trucker crashed while doing his job trucking pigs in Illinois.

Apparently, the trucker became ill and crashed. The semi tipped over and around 3,000 piglets were let loose onto the side of the highway.

Thankfully, nobody was seriously injured in this crash, other than about 100 piglets. The other 2,900 made it all the way home.

Trucking accidents – no laughing matter

According to this Los Angeles Auto Accident Attorney, The larger mass of a semi truck or big rig places the smaller vehicle, the car, at immediate risk of sustaining catastrophic damage in a collision, according to laws of physics. This issue combined with the fact that the bumper of a large truck may collide with the top of a passenger car greatly increases the likelihood of serious injury to the occupants of the car as opposed to the driver of the truck.